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My name is Mark Morrell and I would like to welcome you to the site.

     I have been intimately involved in making jewelry since the early 1970s and I have worked in a variety of genres. In the early days, my efforts went towards hand making "Craft" style  jewelry which was mostly comprised of brass, copper and /or sterling silver wire configured in various ways and often set with  cabochon stones. I'll never forget the day I made my first gold ring. That first piece of gold work signified a grand leap into a higher class of jewelry for me and I have remained eager to keep that feeling alive. Over the years, I have specialized in repair and restoration of antique and period jewelry, one of a kind commissions and moderate scale mass production work. I have managed the workshops of contemporary retail jewelers wherein all manner of jewelry repair and manufacture were being carried out. As time has passed, I  have become skilled in a wide array of jewelry manufacturing techniques including hand fabrication in platinum and gold, wax model sculpting, casting and many styles of stone setting. I am excited about my new adventures in the area of computer aided design. There are so many possible avenues that can be taken by the jewelry crafts person in terms technique and distribution that it is difficult for an interested person to remain static for any length of time. Now, into my fourth decade in the business of making jewelry, every new day still feels like a new beginning.

  As is the case with many of my peers, I have become saddened by the low quality of much of the affordable jewelry found in the American market place today and I have the desire and the ability to do something about that on my own small scale. As this site is developed, I hope to be allowed to present not only my own work but also the work of other extremely talented jewelry makers that I have come to know and admire - and hopefully some that I am not yet aware of. There are many fine jewelry crafters who have worked quietly behind the scenes who's names are rarely heard and who's individual talents have seldom been acknowledged publicly. I would be honored to to act as the catalyst in getting some recognition for these unknown soldiers of the jewelry industry.   


    Here, in our workshop, all  manufacturing in metals, finishing and setting work is done in house. However, because of the processes involved in the area of computer aided design and model output, some of our waxes are processed by outside service bureaus and, therefore, require additional time to complete.

    We're a small operation dedicated to keeping standards high. We don't mass produce anything or work with an abundance of pre-made components outside of a few clasps and crowns. We create fine new jewelry pieces to suit the desires of those who allow us to help make their dreams come to fruition. I expect that we'll be offering some of our own finished jewelry for sale as well.

       My primary area of expertise is working with precious metals for the creation of fine jewelry. I am an accomplished metal smith,  mounting maker and stone setter. I am not a gemologist or a diamond dealer. I don't sell major diamonds. However, I do supply all necessary small, accent diamonds for the work that I do.

    For most of my career, I have worked with jewelry stores both in Massachusetts and across the United States to create new jewelry for their customers. I've had the opportunity to meet and work with some wonderful people along the way. My goal in building this site is to meet some more nice folks and to help in bringing their jewelry wishes to life. Because we are a small business, we cannot possibly serve a massive client base nor do we wish to. We aim to work with pleasant folks who are willing and able to communicate their ideas well and who have the patience required for the development of custom made pieces. We don't want to deliver a piece of fine jewelry to you until it has been carefully completed. If you're in a hurry, it's not likely that we can be of any help - but if you ask nicely, you never know what might come to pass.

Please feel free to browse these pages and make yourself at home here. I am available to answer questions as time allows.

 E-mails from interested parties are encouraged and always welcomed.

              I offer my heartfelt thanks for your visit and a hope that we might work together in the near future.

Warmest regards

Mark Morrell



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