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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get in touch with Mark Morrell / MWM Jewelers Services ?
  2. Why do custom made settings cost more than some of the readily available mountings I see on the Net ?
  3. Can I be sure that I'll get my stone(s) back and not someone else's by mistake?
  4. Can I get your pieces from my local jeweler?
  5. What about design work and those CAD pictures you keep mentioning 
  6. Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

How do I get in touch with Mark Morrell / MWM Jewelers Services ?

That's easy. Just pick up the phone and punch up 978-369-1950. I make a special effort to be available for telephone contact Monday through Friday - 3:00 P.M. until  5:00 P.M. EASTERN TIME.

Please note: Sometimes I'm involved in a procedure in the work shop, in a meeting, or otherwise unavailable to answer the phone. Please don't take it personally. If you leave a message with your phone number, a clear explanation of why you are calling, and the best time to return your call, I'll call you back.

E-mail to will get your inquiry or message to us at all hours any day of the week. Please write whenever you get the urge. We check our mail most weekday mornings. We will respond to e-mail when we have the information appropriate to your questions and as time allows. 

Please be sure to set your e-mail client to include a copy of our previous notes in your replies. E-mail communications have a way of going on and being spread out over time. It's not practical for us to search our e-mail folders for your earlier notes in order to brush up on previous discussions.   I promise that I  won't remember everything we talked about last month.....


Physical mail should be sent to:


Mark Morrell

P.O. Box 28

Concord, MA 01742

Tel: 978-369-1950

Your vendor or appraiser can contact us regarding our address and scheduling for receiving FedEx or UPS shipments.

We do not have a public space in which to greet walk-in clients.


Please note: Precious metal market prices tend to be volatile.  Price quotes are issued with the assumption that your order is to be placed when our quote is issued. We will honor our quote if your order is placed and funds (in the form of either check or wire transfer) are submitted to us within 72 hours of when we quote a price. Orders placed more than 72 hours after our quote is issued may be priced differently. 

We accept payment in the form of checks and wire transfer ONLY. Personal and Bank checks as well as Business checks are all acceptable. There is usually ample time for your checks to clear our bank as we work through the manufacturing process.

No work can begin before we have received either your development fee,  working deposit or payment in full - depending on the agreement in place.  

UPDATE: Since we've begun to offer our signature pieces, such as the SunBurst, Flame and Torchiere solitaire settings, delivery times have often become considerably shorter than were possible before. I do not stock any pre-made settings. Each piece that I make is still built to order. However, I am able to deliver my completed rings faster when there is no longer the need for extensive communications and development time that custom made items require. This is a very good situation for all with one exception. I find that we're ready to deliver some pieces before my client has finished paying for them. I want you to have your project in hand as soon as is reasonable. All but very few of my clients would like to receive their projects as quickly as I can deliver while maintaining the quality that you came to me for. As a result, for the first time ever, I have delivery-ready pieces sitting on a shelf while the paperwork is finalized. We've got ourselves a bottleneck :-) I've generally requested only a 50% initial working deposit for the projects that I commit to. It seems time to request full payment at the time a signature "MWM" piece goes on the books so that I can be sure to send it on it's way without delay. However, if you have funding constraints - many of my young clients are making the largest purchase of their lives when we work together - please talk to me about your situation and we'll do whatever seems reasonable to help you schedule the funding of your project.  

We must receive your final payment before your completed item can be delivered. Please allow for minimum 2 weeks for checks to clear. This means that, if you have an outstanding balance on a project, and you intend to pay that balance by check, we need to have your check in the bank two weeks before shipping date. It is wise to put your check in the mail at least three weeks before you anticipate delivery. If I am setting a stone for you, setting and finish work will happen after we've received final payment for your project. 

Please make checks  payable to:  MWM Jewelers Services   and send to the postal address below. Wire transfer information will be provided as the situation warrants.


Mark Morrell

P.O. Box 28

Concord, MA 01742

Tel: 978-369-1950

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Why do custom made settings cost more than some of the readily available mountings I see on the Net?

Readily available mountings that one might find in the local jeweler or on the internet can be of various qualities and means of manufacture but they all generally have one thing in common. They have been planned and engineered well in advance of your having found them. Some are cast from existing molds, some are hand assembled from existing parts and some are hand made using a process that has been refined so as to enable straightforward manufacture. Custom work is made to meet the specific needs of the client, not pre-made and listed for sale. The time required to design and engineer a product for mass consumption may be more or less than that required in developing a piece for an individual client. A large difference in the pricing of these two types of work is that the production piece will, hopefully, sell repeatedly and thereby pay back the cost of development many times over. A custom definition will, by it's nature, be presented only one time and all of the development costs of that piece must be accounted for in a single transaction. There is also considerably more time committed to communications during the special order / custom  process. If we try to work at commercial prices, we will not be able to afford you the considerations required to make a fine piece of jewelry which is uniquely yours. 

A style may become popular after having initially been made with a singular presentation in mind but unless the manufacturing process has been reduced to having molds or dies on hand for the creation of the specific forms involved in the product definition, the production costs will continue to be greater than those of mass produced pieces. The up side of all of this is that we can build just what you want without being constrained by the need to use what has already been developed. Of course, exclusivity comes at a price and the down side is that there is a greater cost in our time to bring one special  piece to market.  This means that we make your rings to size from the start rather than sizing a finished piece to fit, post manufacture. Our pricing is also figured with all stones set. We can ship an empty mounting if necessary but when asked to quote on a project, the setting of all stones is accounted for in our quote. 

All of our work is done right here in the United States. We are not in a position or a mindset to have our mountings produced by low wage, offshore workers. I won't debate the fact that raw materials come from everywhere in the world. I am referring to the mountings that we deliver.

 Because of the way in which we make our mountings, we can insure a higher level of "finish" to all aspects of our work. From the moment we begin a piece, concern for the final fit and finish is our guide to the completed jewel. Prongs are well fitted to stones and smoothed a their tips so that your hair and hose will not be hapless victims of your rings. Areas under stones and inside of our mountings are polished and refined as well as the readily visible surfaces of our pieces. It is extremely time consuming to work to our level of fit and finish. To some, this is considered excessive. Many manufacturers just can't afford to spend the time - especially if they are trying to compete on price in the "average quality" market place. To others, our way of doing things is prerequisite to well made jewelry and the mark of fine craftsmanship. Our high standards are not for everyone. Commercial grade work is not  necessarily badly  manufactured but some folks appreciate our extra effort and those are the ones to whom we would like to offer our services.   


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Can I be sure that I'll get my stone(s) back and not someone else's by mistake?


We have procedures in place that will insure that no mistakes are made in returning customer's stones when the work has been completed and stones have been set. First, we're very careful about such things. Second, and very important, is that we'll request documentation in the form of major lab report, an appraiser's report, and/or your invoice/bill of sale from your vendor for whatever you'd want to send to us. This will insure that all interested parties are aware of the properties, condition and value of your stuff before I receive it.  What we ship back to you needs to be verifiable by your initial documentation.  We prefer to accept items of any value from accredited appraisers or verifiable, qualified professionals. We will not accept any stones or jewelry directly from consumers without prior authorization. Please don't send anything to me before we've discussed your specific situation. I cannot accept unexpected packages from anyone at all.  

We prefer to ship your finished goods back to your dealer or appraiser for verification of authenticity and condition before you receive them.   

* Please note that the above block of text has changed somewhat as of March 25, 2011. Years ago, when I wrote this page, there was a small army of appraisers making their presence known daily in various jewelry consumer internet forums. Those appraisers were available to identify, evaluate and ship consumer projects to me - and then, to verify the authenticity again after my work was finished. In recent years, it's been a challenge to find appraisers who are prepared to handle the shipping and receiving as those pioneers of what once was a new way of working had been. If it hadn't been for those pioneer appraisers, you would not be reading this. Those guys were wholly responsible for prompting my move to accepting consumer projects along with the inter-business work I had set up shop to do. Fortunately, most of the diamond and gemstone vendors that my clients have been working with are still amenable to verifying the net content of my work before it goes to the client one last time.    

If you have questions, please call me most any Monday through Friday afternoon between 3:00 and 5:00 P.M. at 978-369-1950. It's not usually difficult or terribly time consuming to talk through most things.

For the peace of mind of all concerned parties, please have your valuable items, such as diamonds and gemstones, evaluated for authenticity and condition by a verifiable, qualified professional prior to sending us anything. If you are working with a dealer of diamonds or gemstones, we will typically accept shipments directly from that dealer. 


As of February, 2004, we have experienced our first ever loss in shipping via UPS, insured. This loss has brought some issues to the fore: Any item that is shipped can be insured for whatever amount you like BUT if there is a loss, the insurer will expect prompt proof of value. Your loss won't be settled until the insurer receives documentation establishing the identity, source and value of the lost item. If you plan to ship any item, please be sure that you have such proof available before you ship. A recent appraisal by an accredited appraiser or a recent bill of sale - or both - are the minimum you should have in place BEFORE shipping if you expect to be made whole in the event of a loss. If your stones appraise at a price that is higher than your purchase price, you'll need to be able to prove it to the insurer with prior documentation. If the underwriters don't accept your provenance, you will not be made whole until you can prove your claim. 

We've asked some of our clients to have their stones evaluated before shipping to us only to find later that a jeweler had taken a cursory look at them and had not rendered any written documentation to back up their opinion. This sort of procedure will not help you to prove the identity or the value of your goods in the event of loss. You must have solid, verifiable documentation on your goods before shipping. I know from experience that this will cause some folks to refrain from sending out their property to me or any other distant location. That's OK from my perspective. I don't wish for anyone to risk a complete and total loss for any reason.     

These security measures will eliminate any doubt as to whether we receive what you thought you had sent and they will allow you the comfort of knowing that you are receiving the correct goods by return shipment.  There are several appraisers with whom we have worked to date. We have no direct business with these appraisers. We do not pay them nor do they pay us for any referrals that might be generated by our security measures. They do their thing and we do ours. We will consider working with any accredited appraiser after we have researched their credentials.  

If you are a repeat customer of if you have any questions regarding this policy, please get in touch and we'll discuss it.


More information on Shipping

Important notice regarding shipment procedures

Occasionally, we will ship directly to an established client.  If we're shipping directly to you , we can ship via FedEx or the United States Postal service. All shipments are insured for the appropriate value.

For FedEx deliveries, our insurer prefers that we ship to a "FedEx staffed, Express Hold authorized" facility for client pick-up. Shipment to residential addresses involves increased potential for loss because it is common for the delivery driver to leave a package on your door step or with a neighbor.  We don't want to experience unnecessary losses during shipment.  You don't want your property to be exposed to unnecessary risk and our insurer has apparently paid for more than a reasonable number of lost shipments. They're tightening procedures in an effort to limit their exposure.   


Great News for international clients!

In 2010, my shipping insurance company, together with FedEx,  presented us with a streamlined process for shipping to UK, Canada and Australia.

 We've now shipped to all of these locations and it was painless for us to orchestrate, reasonably fast for our clients (delivery happened next day in Canada and within a few days to UK and Australia), and not terribly expensive for shipping costs. FedEx has their own customs offices at each destination so there's not a lot of work for our recipients to do on their end.     

On a similar note: I would prefer to NOT receive any goods from "international drop shippers" of diamonds etc. The logistics can be brutal and if there is any discrepancy in the product received versus the product that was expected, it can be terribly expensive (with various taxes, duties and fees) to correct any problematic situations. I'd prefer to collaborate only with US based diamond and gemstone sellers.


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Can I get your pieces from my local jeweler?

Probably not. Over the past few years I've been concentrating on direct consumer sales.

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What about design work and those CAD pictures you keep mentioning

We don't "design" custom jewelry as much as we help you "define" the custom jewelry that you already have in mind. Custom is initiated to meet the wishes of the client. As such, the client sets the fundamental parameters of any piece of work. We work to define those wishes and engineer the concept into a buildable item. I hold myself out as a custom maker of jewelry not a "Designer". My intent is to commit the majority of my time in making and delivering product. I need good information regarding your wishes before we can begin to work together. Drawings, photos and good written instructions will help to make the process a smooth one. Please don't ask me to copy another artisan's work. Please do gather and send along any visual images of  themes, components and styling cues that appeal to you. 

 CAD / product development prices - if we need to employ computer design or delve into new product development at all - are decided after we have had an opportunity to discuss your desired project. I'll try to establish a cost for the entire project and then I'll quote what I feel is the appropriate cost for any computer design work that may be necessary. Development costs will be a part of the net price quoted for the job but they are to be paid in advance. Fees for product development work are not refundable. This fee is to cover some of the time that we spend in gathering information from you and working that  input into an initial rendering or physical model - which ever we deem to be appropriate - of what we perceive your desires to be. When the product development work is completed, it will be used directly in the manufacture of your item. I do not intend to do random, exploratory design work. Design, planning and engineering won't commence before there is a fairly well defined set of parameters to work with.  Further product development work or subsequent work based on new instructions will be billed in addition to the initial effort.  A new design request represents a new start in the design process and will be billed as a separate project. CAD builds will act to help in establishing dimensions and relationships between components of a given project. They will not, likely, define a piece in it's entirety. There is a strong emphasis on hand work in our workshop. Certain subtleties in surface treatments, the character of prong tips and hand finishing will not come across in our computer generated images. If you wish to get a feeling for our standard of fit and finish, please browse through our photos of finished work.

 In short, Mark Morrell / MWM Jewelers Services is about manufacturing fine jewelry mountings. I / we are not prepared to guess what you'd like to have made. I / we will help you to make decisions by whatever means we have at our disposal. We have many CAD images on file and an ever growing library of photos of work that we've delivered. We will be happy to share any appropriate images that we have on file to help you in considering your projects.  Special order work requires a level of confidence from all concerned parties. I / we trust that if you ask for something specific, what you describe is what you really want to have made. Please don't ask for me / us to work within a specific set of parameters and expect to see a design result quite different from what we have discussed. Again, I / we can't read your mind. All we can know about what you are considering is what you've told us or have shown to us. We do reserve the right to pass on any project that either isn't presented in a clear and concise manner or that we are not comfortable in attempting to develop and execute with anyone who might contact us.

  Custom made, tailored and-or specially adapted pieces are not returnable or refundable.


I strongly suggest that you find and establish a relationship with a local jeweler. We make things here to meet special requirements and we'll be offering some of our own items for sale but the fact remains that we are not a full service jeweler. We're not available at a moment's notice to folks around the country for necessary or impromptu tune ups and adjustments. Your local jeweler is your best ally when it comes time to have your settings cleaned and inspected and stones tightened, as needed, on a regular basis. I suggest that all mountings be professionally cleaned and inspected at least once annually - twice a year is better.       






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