I'm often asked why I don't show many wedding bands on this site. 

"Don't you make wedding bands, Mark?"

Yes, I make lots of wedding bands but I don't update these pages as often as I should. The following are some examples of wedders that I developed with some of my more dedicated clients.



The pattern in Chris' wedding band is derived from a small styling queue found in milady's wedding set and repeated around the circle before being subdued for a nice contrast and a masculine impact.    
Chris K-band-01-L
The wedding band in this set is a GREAT candidate for a mate ring to our SunBurst Solitaire. It's about 3 mm wide , as are most of the SunBurst ring bodies and it fits pretty well against SunBurst mountings with up to approximately 7mm center stones - more or less. 
CL comp-1L
Danielle's band features smooth sides with just enough platinum to keep her diamonds protected and to avoid abrasive action of any prongs against her engagement ring - but mostly it's a ball of fire. All that you really see are the diamonds.
Danielle cp 01L
Matt's ideas led to development of the original "Dirt Band". With Matt's blessing, I've incorporated some of the things we learned here into subsequent projects. Thanks Matt!
Matt Li DirtBand-L
Subtle elegance and long-term easy wear were on Neil's mind. We took Matt's "Mountain Man" "Dirt" theme into the office for Neil's wedding band. Folks from all over the globe are helping each-other with design influences that pass through my little workshop.
NH Mel bands-L
This little band is just about 2mm wide and holds a full circumference in diamonds. I often advise against "eternity" style wedding bands but I think this one is strong enough and the stones are protected well enough to go the distance. 
Oliv band 01s
Our gentleman is wearing a band style derived from the lines of the lady's eternity band - but manly indeed. 
Oliv Cha bands 2.Ljpg
Development of Paul's band pushed the limits of every technology and process used in this project. I guess Paul's good nature was the deciding factor in the success of this one because, from a technical standpoint, this one "Can't be made". Thanks Paul!
Paul 05L